Go Mobile!

mobile-ad-wideFor many businesses, it is imperative their website is either responsive (a fancy term for a website that magically adapts to any screen ie. desktop monitors, iPads, or your mobile phone) or that they have a seperate mobile version of their website.

While some of our clients like kevinkee.ca or granderiehomehardware.ca have opted for a fully responsive website (a fantastic idea btw!), it is not always in ones budget.

Introducing: Mobile Microsites!

Simple: a one-page website that is specifically designed for small screens; with all of the most important details: location, phone, email, hours and a link to your full website! The site is automatically loaded for mobile users!

Plus, you can add downloadable menus, PDF filescatalogues, and more!

It all starts of $349 and includes customization for:

  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Map Button (Opens Map App)
  • Phone Button (Calls on click)
  • Email Button (Emails on click)
  • Contact Info
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Hours
  • Link to Full Website

Demo: https://vxfusion.com/mobile

Get Started: info@vxfusion.com