Photo of Our Favourite Windows 10 Creators Update Features

The Windows 10 Creators Update started rolling out on April 11th and here are our favourite new features from the most anticipated Windows update of this year.


The Creators Update includes many small improvements as well as exciting new apps. Some of the small improvements include a narrated setup process with Cortana, a Night Light mode, Windows Ink, creativity promotion, and continued connectivity with Microsoft apps and the Xbox.

The Night Light mode, similar to the Night Shift feature on iOs and Mac OS, that makes it easier on your eyes in the dark by reducing the amount of blue light emitted from the screen. Windows Ink is a helpful tool allow you to mark your photos and videos with specific notes. Improvements to OneDrive allow you to connect your music files found there, with the Groove app, whether it is on your PC or Xbox One, making it super easy to access your music from any device.

Paint 3D

That’s right, 3D. All longtime Windows users know what Paint is and have likely made a masterpiece in Paint at some point. Paint 3D is the newest evolution of Paint and is more fully-featured than Paint because you are creating 3D objects which are more complex than 2D drawings. The brush, objects and effects tools, along with the creative community of Remix 3D, Paint 3D makes it easy to create 3D objects and add colour and texture. Most of this would normally require an intensive program, robust computer and hours of practice to accomplish, but is now free and simpler with Windows 10.

Edge is Safer and Faster

Microsoft has designed Edge to be the best browser for Windows 10 and ultimately (hopefully) the best browser to use. Personally we use Chrome or Firefox Microsoft boasts that Edge blocks 9% more phishing sites and 13% more malware than Chrome. When it comes to speed, Google’s own benchmarks show that Edge is faster than Chrome. Edge browser is also easier on your laptop’s battery life. Something Chrome has updated recently and continues to improve.

Beam Streaming and Game Mode

Microsoft is also trying to bridge the gap between Xbox and Windows, and have integrated streaming into the Xbox app called Beam. When playing any game on Windows 10, you can use the key command, Windows key + G, and a floating ‘game bar’ will appear. With the game bar you can initiate a stream and also switch into the new Game Mode. The Game Mode is supposed to prioritize your game over other background system processes to get the best performance or at least more consistent performance from your system, and achieve the smoothest frame rate. In the future, game publishers will enable Game Mode automatically whenever you play one of their games on Windows 10.