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As web developers we use and recommend every website switch to HTTPS using SSL for two reasons: it provides three key layers of protection for all users connecting to your website, and Google now includes HTTPS as a search engine ranking factor.

What is HTTPS and SSL?

HTTPS is like HTTP, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, only it adds secure layers of encryption through the use of a SSL certificate, Secure Sockets Layers. The information sent using HTTPS to a web user uses three key layers of protection: encryption, data integrity, authentication. The encryption layer keeps the information secure from hackers trying to gather or intercept information being sent to a user and their interactions with a website. Data integrity ensures the information cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer from the server to a user. The authentication layer protects against impostor websites trying to imitate your website and hijack your users.

HTTPS as a Ranking Signal

Google included HTTPS as a ranking signal all the way back in 2014. Now while the weight factor is not very high for this individual signal, it still is a +1 on your competition that does not provide their website using HTTPS. Over the years since 2014, the weighting of HTTPS has slowly started to increase, making it a popular trend to upgrade a website’s connection to HTTPS.

Upgrade to HTTPS Today!

We encourage everyone to switch over to HTTPS to provide a more secure web for all users. Feel free to contact us with any questions about HTTPS and how you can upgrade your website.

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