Photo of Mobile Usage Statistics

It is often stated these days that mobile usage is increasing more and more. More people are using the internet on the phones or tablets than are using it on a desktop computer. But just how much are we using our phones?

Putting it in Perspective

The folks at, has built and provided a wonderful interface to see in real time, just how much mobile usage is happening and where. The Mobile Usage Statistics interface provides a timer that counts from the time the web page finishes loading. A user may also skip ahead to provided time periods, hour, day and month, to see averaged statistics. Numbers really help to put something like mobile phone usage into perspective. Even watching the numbers grow within 30 seconds gives a good understanding of how many people are connecting to the world around them with their phone.

Moving Forward

As mobile usage increases so will the services available to us. Major tech and internet companies have already staked their interests into mobile technology, and how websites or apps work on these devices, and what services are available. As consumers we should expect to be doing more, and incorporating more mobile services, into our daily routine.