Photo of Microsoft Edge 14 Accessibility

Microsoft released it’s Windows 10 anniversary update and with it Edge 14 was released. This release features a ton of accessibility improvements that improves Edge’s argument as one of the best browsers to use.

Every time a browser is updated, we check HTML5 Accessibility, for what specific features and support was added to the browser. With this update, Edge now becomes the only browser with a full 100% HTML5 Accessibility. Wow right?! Firefox comes in second with 89% accessibility and Chrome in third with 81%. Major improvements across both the browser frame and rendering engine mean that Microsoft Edge is easier to navigate with a keyboard and to use in high contrast mode or with assistive technologies like screen readers.

Moving forward as more and more people are upgrading to Windows 10, or purchasing a new desktop, laptop or tablet that ships with Windows 10, they are now by default in possession of the most accessible browser. This is great news for designers and developers that are constantly making work arounds for Internet Explorer users.