Photo of Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Using social media properly to market yourself or your business will boost your brand and widen your audience. It isn’t an overnight trip to the top and there are no shortcuts. The benefits of actively engaging your audience make it worthwhile to build your social media presence. Read more

Photo of Social Media is Really About the Conversation

Social Media is Really About the Conversation

How Polishing Up Your Social Media Campaigns Starts With a Conversation

Social Media is the Vehicle and Engagement is the Key

Social Media (SM) marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Engagement varies per network, so understanding each network you are using is important. Read more

Why Pinterest is Awesome for Business

Own a business? Great. On social media? Most likely (If you’re not, you’re missing a whole world of clients).

We’ve written about Pinterest in the past, and how it can benefit your business. However, you might be thinking: “vxFusion is just a web company, of course they think I should be on every social media platform!”. We’ll, we have a handy infographic and an article to support our position. Read more

Where’s my Twitter Feed?

twitter-logoOn June 11th Twitter changed the way their feeds work on webpages.  This change has rendered most twitter feeds using the old method inoperable.

We’ve added our feed using the new method to this blog and it looks pretty snazzy.

If you’re a client of ours and you have Twitter featured on your site we will be contacting you shortly with some options for making a fix.


The Best Time to Post to Facebook?

When 1 IN 3 of online Canadian consumers rely on Social Media for purchasing decisions, platforms like Facebook become essential for businesses. But when are the best times in the day to post? When will the most users actually see your post, and be more likely to engage with your company online? Well recently posted some stats to answer that very question. The table below is our interpretation of those stats: Read more

Canadian Social Media Statistics

54.05% of Canadians use Social Media (Up over 7% from 6-months ago), chalking up to an average of 5.5 hours per week spent on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Run an online shop? 1 in 3 of online Canadian consumers rely on Social Media for purchasing decisions. Read more

Pinterest for Business?

New Social Media universe, Pinterest, is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing community. It allows users to create and share themed image collections to other users. Its social makeup is similar to Twitter, in that users have “Followers”, and all posts are public and have can have a good chance of going viral. Read more