Photo of Social Media Engagement

Using social media properly to market yourself or your business will boost your brand and widen your audience. It isn’t an overnight trip to the top and there are no shortcuts. The benefits of actively engaging your audience make it worthwhile to build your social media presence.

What does social media engagement mean?

Why does social media matter?


It can be difficult to engage with people on social media because you don’t know when they are there unless they interact with your account. If you owned or worked at a store and a person walked into the store, would you greet them? Of course you would! It is polite and excellent customer service to engage with people the moment they enter your store. The same applies to social media. Sure you can’t see when someone is viewing your page. This makes it crucial to remain active on social media to quickly answer people or update your account’s content to attract new users.

What to Expect.

It takes time. Building your brand’s social media presence is a long term engagement with your audience. You can’t expect to be popular over night or even over a year. But you will gain fans and followers if you actively seek to engage people in response or with interesting content.