Cold Calling, Email Blasts & Snail Mail

15% of emails are opened.

In today’s world the average person receives a lot more email than they can handle. Dreaded spam is mostly overlooked and sent to either the junk box, or the trash – where it belongs of course. Legitimate sales emails are often filed as spam as well.

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Online (& In-Person) Social Networking – Part 1

Most new businesses seem to be illuded by social networking; from businesses thinking Facebook is useless, to others thinking in-person networking is not for them.

Then there are those that have jumped on social networking in the digital world, only to ditch any in-person networking events altogether.

The fact: Networking – whether it is online through the use of Facebook, or in-person at networking events – is a key survival tool. Read more

Just Launched: Ann Snead

St. Catharines Playwright Ann Snead was in need of a website that conveyed her witty and thought provoking writing style, as well as a sense of professionalism.

The site was designed to be simple and elegant to reflect her personality as well as her work.


Photo of Just Launched: Plumbtech & Heatech Mechanical

Just Launched: Plumbtech & Heatech Mechanical

Plumbtech and Heatech Mechanical were looking for a better web presence and improved search engine optimization (SEO) for both their websites.

These two businesses required different websites, but were on a budget. We offered to design and build one website, and rebrand it for the other. This solution saved Plumbtech and Heatech Mechanical money without sacrificing quality.

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Google's (Hard to Find) Website Tools

Every website owner should understand and use Google’s webmaster tools. The problem is they aren”t easy to find. Google Analytics is well heard of, but have you ever heard of Google”s Webmaster Central, or Google Places? We have done some of the hard work for you; compiled a list of their most useful tools for website owners: Read more

Just Launched: Niagara 1812 Website

Take a trip into the past with Niagara 1812. Using your iPhone, visit places and people from the War of 1812 and beyond. Choose Roam Mode, walk around one of the historic towns of Niagara, Canada, and discover the stories that lie behind the bricks and mortar. Or choose Quest Mode, and solve a centuries-old mystery in an immersive adventure.

With Niagara 1812, you carry history with you, in the palm of your hand.

We just launched the website for the new iPhone App game Niagara 1812! The game was a joint project between nGen and Brock University, and was just recently approved for sale in the Apple App Store. The completely custom design features advanced lighting, soft textures, custom vector paper, and the beautiful Google web font IM Fell. For the development of the website we used custom jQuery (JavaScript) and advanced CSS3, all hand-coded of course.

For more information about the project, visit the new website: