15% of emails are opened.

In today’s world the average person receives a lot more email than they can handle. Dreaded spam is mostly overlooked and sent to either the junk box, or the trash – where it belongs of course. Legitimate sales emails are often filed as spam as well.

Spending time sending out email blasts can still have it’s benefits. It is relatively cheap, and could result in a few new sales you didn’t have before. But what can you do to get your business attention these days?

What’s old is new again! Snail mail is hard to overlook, right?

Wait, much like our virtual mail box, we receive tons of junk mail everyday, and most of this mail is tossed quite quickly.

98% of greeting cards are opened.

Yep, you read that right. A unbelievable 98% of greeting cards are opened.

Let’s think about it; a hand written greeting card sized envelope denotes a relationship is on the inside. Relationships are built out of trust, and trust out of personal integrity. How could someone throw integrity in the junk folder (In this case, in the recycling?).