Photo of 3 Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Doing Now

1. Twitter

A great way to think about social media marketing on Twitter: “If Facebook is a gathering place of everyone you know, Twitter is a gathering place of everyone you should know.” That little blue bird is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood business marketing tools. Whether you are a business-to-consumer or a business-to-business type company, your customers and the key decisions makers are on here.

Get Started: Start following everyone (Follow and be followed), start mentioning, and above all, read this: How to Meet the Rich, Famous, and Powerful While Sitting on the Toilet.

The Bottom Line: Focus on the conversation. Press releases and sales blasts should be avoided as much as possible.

2. The Blog

The marketing power team: a website and a blog can both build business and instil trust with your customers. Your goal? Become a trusted expert in your field. Notice I didn’t say the expert? Don’t over inflate your logo, it is much easier to be a trusted expert, then the only expert. There is a whole industry of experts, help each other and your clients will thank you.

Be authentic and definitely timely. Your time is valuable, so scheduling when you will add content to your website and blog can help.

Get Started: Start a Tumblr blog, or contact your favourite web company to setup one up for you on your website.

The Bottom Line:  Focus on providing value to your customers, not selling to them, that’s what your website is for. Don’t have time to run a blog? Consider hiring a company that will write posts for you… (shameless plug:

3. Networking

Old-school marketing done new-school: The sales meetings of 2014 are all about building relationships. Today it is about the people you know, so go meet some!

Get Started: Start by asking questions, if you are talking 80% of the time, please stop. The key here is letting the other person do most of the talking, and not just about business. Good rule of thumb here is 80/20 – you should only be talking 20% of the time. Oh and going as a team? Divide and conquer.

The Bottom Line: Find out where your clients go, and put your face in front of them. Ie. Looking for customers in the Automotive industry? Go to the networking events that they go to for their industry.