Photo of Top Web Design Trends This Year

Keeping up with latest design trends is a big, and fun, part of being a web designer or developer. Here are just a few of the trends we have noticed that are really gaining momentum this year.

Background Videos and GIFs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more worth does a short video clip or moving picture have? No doubt you have noticed an increase in videos being used in place of static images for hero backgrounds. This trend is a great example of how advancing technology and browsers has allowed for something like background videos to become common place. If used properly background videos are great for conveying more words than a picture. Perfect for website heroes as the first impression on a user.

Original Graphics and Photography

The use of original graphics and photographs have always had their place on websites. But nowadays, with the myriad amounts of stock photos and reusable graphics available on the internet, original graphics and imagery mean even more. These illustrations and images add a personal touch and help convey a personality of the person or company the website is representing. Websites with custom-made graphics and original photos will stand out from the crowd because of the unique content. Users remember unique content!

Big Bold Fonts

With the domination of large or full screen hero images bigger font sizes and bolder fonts have joined the domination. When typography is used correctly it will enhance the content and design. The right font should complement the message or feeling the content and design of the website is conveying. Larger white text across a faded image or flat colour can be seen commonly on most website hero images and subheaders.

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling through videos, images, graphics, original content, and the use of social media outlets, helps to establish personal connections with the users. Personal or company history, established social media presence, and original content, products or services, are a great foundation for building trust with users. People want to know you are a reliable person or company and they can take comfort knowing you offer a good product or are excellent at what you do. Tell your story.