Photo of Just Launched: Employment Solutions

Just Launched: Employment Solutions

Employment Solutions started in Welland 9 years ago as a service for newcomers and has expanded to service all clients seeking assistance with employment needs. They are a group of qualified professionals working passionately to help improve the lives of individuals by assisting them to find secure meaningful employment. Read more

Photo of The Redesigned vxFusion Website

The Redesigned vxFusion Website

As any trade-style profession could tell you working on your own projects are always the most difficult.

And why not? Working on our clients websites is what we are truly passionate about. However, the old website was starting to look outdated, paint was starting to peel off the walls, and everything was just not as polished as we would have liked.   Read more

Photo of Just Launched: Bryan Caporicci

Just Launched: Bryan Caporicci

Meet award-winning and renowned photographer Bryan Caporicci: “I believe that photography is about people, relationships and the moments that they share together.”

We have had the honour of working with Bryan before, but this time was different. Bryan approached us to refresh his WordPress website (which we originally built for him) with a fully responsive design.

We took it a few steps further, starting at the drawing board. From the ground up we rethought the navigation, redesigned the home page, and strategized the visitor flow. Working closely with Bryan is always a treat, with his attention to detail and commitment to pushing the industry forward. We are proud to announce the launch of his new fully-mobile optimized, custom WordPress website.


Just Launched: STEEP Building Systems

vx-steepSTEEP Building Systems is a local building supply company that is growing quickly. Their Structural Thermal Energy Efficient Panels are stronger, more energy efficient and much faster to build with than traditional structural framing.

STEEP is a fast growing business that wanted new branding and a new website to reflect their products and their commitment to the environment.

Read more