Photo of The Redesigned vxFusion Website

As any trade-style profession could tell you working on your own projects are always the most difficult.

And why not? Working on our clients websites is what we are truly passionate about. However, the old website was starting to look outdated, paint was starting to peel off the walls, and everything was just not as polished as we would have liked.  So after a few months of hard work and late nights, we have crafted something we think you will like.

Responsive and the Need for Speed

Although some things still look quite similar (we think that’s a good thing), the entire website has been rebuilt from the ground up. Rebuilt to be responsive (mobile and tablet friendly), way faster loading, and way more polished.

We are proud to say the new website is built on Foundation 5, HTML5 and CSS3. No Flash, only super light JavaScript, and absolutely no animal testing. Why is that important? As website designers, we take the future of our craft very seriously, constantly learning the latest of our trade, and pushing our abilities forward. Every line of code rewritten, every pixel realigned, and every word reanalyzed.

So poke around, click some links, resize your browser, and grab your kids iPhone and  play. We hope you like it.

We love the web, and we are proud of a new website we can truly call home.

– Kelsey, Chris and Kevin.