Photo of 10 WordPress Security Tips

Most people could guess by now that we take website security very seriously and are actively trying to spread awareness to anyone with a WordPress website.In our own experiences we have seen an increase in malware infections on WordPress websites. We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep WordPress up to date, as well as plugins and themes being used, or not being used, on the website. Of course this is just one answer to protecting your website and there are various more security techniques and practices to build a better defense.

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of WPshrug and Newt Labs, where we give you 10 WordPress security tips that anyone can apply to their website and help protect your website from hackers and malware, that could damage your company and website’s reputation and brand.

10 WordPress Security Tips infograph

For more information, about how we can help keep your WordPress website secure, check out our WordPress Maintenance Packages.