Photo of Yoast SEO 4.8 Update – Cornerstone Content Analysis

Yoast SEO version 4.6 saw the addition of marking a certain page or post as cornerstone content. Now with Yoast SEO version 4.8, cornerstone content is analyzed using a strict, particular set of specifications.

Cornerstone Pages and Posts

Pages and posts marked as cornerstone content will now be judged by a different set of rules to help users better the content on those pages/posts. Up until now all content was being analyzed using the same set of rules and provided the same guidelines to improve the content. Now Yoast SEO plugin helps to better the content that is the main or most important on the website. The new rules, like checking if the keyword is included in subheadings, will help build better content and overall improve your website’s SEO.

How Cornerstone Content Helps SEO

The use of cornerstone pages/posts tells web crawlers which content is most important. This can be effective when trying to rank for popular or competitive search terms. Using cornerstone content with proper internal linking between pages/posts will create a content hierarchy. This is very helpful if you have multiple pages or blog posts with focusing on a similar topic. You don’t want those pages/posts competing with each other for search rankings. That’s where cornerstone content helps the most!

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