Photo of Yoast 5.0 – Text Link Counter

Yoast 5.0 introduces a text link counter to start off the newest big release and is the first implementation of looking at your entire site from a SEO perspective.

Links Are Important!

Yes, yes we know external and internal links are extremely important for the web. They build site structure’s for websites and connect the entire internet. Web crawlers read them to understand the page/content hierarchy and the relations between pages. Thus the importance of internal links throughout a website!

Our Experiences

In our personal experiences when reviewing websites we have noticed a lack of internal links on most websites. There are some tools that we use to check links across a website but mostly we do it the old school way. Checking each page and looking at the links and where they point. Personally we like that approach because it allows us to walk the path of the user (yes that’s a LotR reference).


We have found the text link counter to be really helpful because you can see the internal and external text links on each page, right on the pages menu, where you can see the number and type of links at once. Of course it only detects text links in the WYSIWYG editor so themes that use ACF’s or shortcodes to generate buttons won’t be able to take full advantage of this new tool. Still very handy!

Check out Yoast’s website for the official post.

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