Photo of WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

Major Improvements for WordPress!

The updates and improvements just keep on rolling. Version 4.9 of WordPress, “Tipton” features new additions designed to improve your workflow. If that isn’t enough there is another new widget to utilize as well as usability improvements.

Customizer Updates

That’s right, Customizer is getting some much needed love with this update. New improvements include scheduling site design changes, preview design changes, design locking so another user cannot override your changes, and prompts to save any unsaved changes after an idle time.

Syntax Highlighting & Error Checking

This by far our favourite addition. Syntax highlighting and error checking will be very useful for users that use the WordPress editor to edit files as well as the text tab of the WYSIWYG editor. New error checking when saving a file or post can help us all avoid crashing our WordPress website’s when trying to make updates.

Widget Updates

A gallery widget has been added to the growing list as well as an upgrade to the text widget now allows you to embed images, video and audio with your text.

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To read the official blog post and see the full list of changes and improvements, click here.