Bigger is better and we are getting bigger…

When we hired an addition to our web team it became (painfully) obvious we needed more room.  Four large desks in one office makes a very cramped work space.    So, when two rooms next to our current office space became available we jumped at the opportunity to expand.  We have almost doubled our square footage and have some amazing plans for the new space—and we want to share ’em with you!

The rooms need some work before we can start calling them ‘home’.  We thought it would be cool to document the transformation and share it on our blog.  We’ll be posting updates and photos of the new office space as we renovate.

These are the first photos of the new room we’re going to use as our ‘base of operations’.  Right now it doesn’t look like much (we already removed the hideous curtains that we deemed too scary to document), but as you will see in the next few weeks this room is going to get a complete make-over.