Photo of Locking down WordPress, why Wordfence is awesome!

WordPress is amazing; it allows web designers and their clients to do awesome things on the web. It powers a huge majority of websites, and in fact, is the most popular content management system on the net.

WordPress suffers from a similar fate to Windows, being the number one platform for people means you are also a really big target for hackers. Now before we go any further, all content management systems have security threats, and the fact that WP is the most popular, also means it gets some of the best community support to stop those threats.

The WordPress team implemented automatic core updates a few months back to help, but keeping on top of WordPress updates can definitely be hairy. However, just updating the core and plugins are not enough today.

That is where plugins like Wordfence come in. A big portion of its features are free, and it is not a huge deal to setup with only a little technical knowledge, and there are some more advanced features that a web designer could help you with of course.

(plug: we have WordPress Maintenance plans, where we update, lock down, and backup your site every week).

Either way, being able easily block 3 login attempts, scan all the website files for infections, and keep everything running squeaky clean just means we can go on loving WordPress and all the wonderful things it can do for us.

And oh, we love WordPress!