Photo of Link Building

Internal and external link building are powerful page rank boosters essential to growing your website’s SEO and getting more exposure. SEO is a balance between having great technical practices and highly relevant content for users. Link building, when used properly, helps users and search engines navigate your website’s content easily.

Internal Link Building

An internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website. Internal linking provides paths for search engines to crawl and better understand your website’s structure and page hierarchy. Internal links also provide users with a quick jump to important content that is related to what they are already reading or watching. Using internal links effectively through your website’s content, should push a user, and search engine crawlers, deeper into your website and into deeper content.

External Link Building

An external link is a link to your website on someone else’s website. These links pass value to search engines and help boost your page ranks. The more unique domains linking to your website, the more popular your website becomes with search engines, leading to greater page rank and search results. Also, the more popular the domain is that is linking to your website, the more value that link passes to search engines. A great way to take advantage of this. is by using social medias to create posts with unique content, linking to a unique page on your website. Continually generating these “new” external links will continually boost the popularity of your website.


Using internal links creates call to actions for users to jump to important content related to what they are already viewing.

Building external links increases the popularity of your website with search engines, boosting your page ranks and search results.