Photo of It started as just another logo project…

About 3 weeks ago we polished off and delivered a brand new logo for our clients Manic North. We’ve been working closely with them on a big top secret project (to be revealed soon) and they approached us to design their logo.

To start, we ran through our brand worksheet with Manic to not only help us get to know them, but also define some character traits of their brand.

We pieced together what their brands identity should look like to their customers, what tone they want it to have, and how it should convey.

Logo, or brand design, is a great time to flex our creative muscles, and really get creative. Like all design projects, we started with sketches; literally pencil to paper and dry-erase marker to white board. We collectively worked together, brainstorming idea after idea. The goal here is not just to create another pretty logo, but one that fit Manic North, and their customers.

Like all creative studios, you tend to work through some not so good concepts before landing on just the right one. Then, you pitch it to them, helping them see your vision, and why you believe its the right fit.

A logo a lot of times has something special hidden inside, waiting to be found. Like the arrow in the FedEx logo, or the swing of the golf club in the Pen Lakes logo.

Simplicity was the goal on this one, something that looked sleek and modern, and wouldn’t get dated easily.

The result of this brand process?

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.00.16 AM

We chose soft blues, a modern font treatment, and a simple silhouette of a mountain. The mountain is white to depict the cold white North of Canada. The North font became icy cold blue, while the Manic font stayed the stronger dark slate blue.

The iconic piece of the logo itself is a slightly rounded square as a play back to mobile app icons. Oh and that special hidden element? The M of Manic drawn in the mountains. It’s a simply logo, but one that we hope Manic North will be able to use for years to come.

Now where does this story get awesome? Behold, what the Manic North team did for halloween: