Photo of Just Launched: Heartstarters Inc.

Heart Starters Inc. provides a wide variety of accredited training and services to organizations and companies across Canada. Offering on-site training to save your company time and money.

Heart Starters Inc. was established in 1995 by a team of lifeguards and paramedics.  After working and training together for years in lifesaving and emergency response environments, a partnership was born with the intent to provide use our hands-on experience and knowledge to provide the public with a quality education.  Today, Heart Starters Inc. is comprised of over 25 experienced top-tier instructors.  All have a unique combination of hands-on emergency response experience along with an enthusiastic personality and the ability to engage a group.

Heart Starters Inc. came to use with their existing website wanting to upgrade it. We did just that by making the website responsive and integrating WordPress to allow the client to control the content of their website.

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