Photo of Content Writing

As Search Engine Optimization becomes increasingly more important for your website so too grows the need for better content writing. But many struggle with knowing just exactly what good, or great content, really is and how to measure it.

Content is still King

It is still the most important factor affecting SEO and is likely to stay that way. Google and other search engines revolve their algorithms around the same principle: to provide the most relevant content to the user. That is the point right? Use a search engine and find what you want right away!

Keep It Relevant

Keeping your content relevant to your website’s topic(s) and keywords is extremely important for search engines to understand what your website’s content is about. Robots are crawling over your website in order to index it in search engines. Therefore, keeping the content centered around your main topic, helps search engines display your website when a user is looking for it.

Keep It Brief

Because users are searching for relevant websites, and quickly, we usually scan through content, rather than reading it intently, until we know it is what we are searching for. Therefore, it is essential to put your best content first, and to keep it brief. You want to not only get the user’s attention, but tell them right away it is exactly what they have been searching for. Once a user thinks the content is relevant they are¬†likely to read more content. This is where¬†the user will find your deeper, more content loaded pages, where they will take the time to read the content.

Organizing Content

A website’s pages, are separated between top level, and sub level distinctions based on what content they are providing. Top level pages are typically found in the navigation bar and should contain relevant, brief and eye catching content. This content has to lead a user to your deeper, sub level pages, where they will find more content, because they want more content. Having a good mix of top level, and sub level pages appeals to the fact that, robots are crawling and indexing your website but humans are searching and reading it.