Photo of Just Launched Design-to-HTML: Fourgrounds Website

Just Launched Design-to-HTML: Fourgrounds Website


Besides creating custom designed websites, we also will build a website that has already been designed (Called Design-to-HTML). Fourgrounds Media Inc, the web-video powerhouse located in downtown St. Catharines (And one of the media companies pioneering a new Canadian silicon valley right here in Niagara), came to us with concept designs and a vision of what they wanted their website to look like. Our job was to build it to exact specifications, and pull-off some crazy JavaScript animation techniques in the mean time, all while making sure everything worked on the iPhone… woah!

Our coding ninjas when straight to work and came out with a website build we are very proud of, to match a design that Fourgrounds Media Inc. graphic designer did an awesome job on as well. Even though we did not do the design on this one (since we are a creative company after-all), we are extremely happy to be a part of the build, and to start a great relationship with Fourgrounds!

Check out the new website at: