Why Pinterest is Awesome for Business

Own a business? Great. On social media? Most likely (If you’re not, you’re missing a whole world of clients).

We’ve written about Pinterest in the past, and how it can benefit your business. However, you might be thinking: “vxFusion is just a web company, of course they think I should be on every social media platform!”. We’ll, we have a handy infographic and an article to support our position. Read more

Where’s my Twitter Feed?

twitter-logoOn June 11th Twitter changed the way their feeds work on webpages.  This change has rendered most twitter feeds using the old method inoperable.

We’ve added our feed using the new method to this blog and it looks pretty snazzy.

If you’re a client of ours and you have Twitter featured on your site we will be contacting you shortly with some options for making a fix.


Photo of Drive online traffic, increase store sales, build your brand; all with Google Adwords.

Drive online traffic, increase store sales, build your brand; all with Google Adwords.

Control when you show up on Google with Adwords; Your first $100 is on us. We do all the work for you; optimizing your ads and keywords, and send you reports once per month.

Sign Up for a Managed Adwords account and we’ll throw in $100 worth of free ads! Fully managed for $35/mth + $100 setup Signup: advertise@vxfusion.com or call us.

Go Mobile!

mobile-ad-wideFor many businesses, it is imperative their website is either responsive (a fancy term for a website that magically adapts to any screen ie. desktop monitors, iPads, or your mobile phone) or that they have a seperate mobile version of their website.

While some of our clients like kevinkee.ca or granderiehomehardware.ca have opted for a fully responsive website (a fantastic idea btw!), it is not always in ones budget.

Introducing: Mobile Microsites!

Simple: a one-page website that is specifically designed for small screens; with all of the most important details: location, phone, email, hours and a link to your full website! The site is automatically loaded for mobile users!

Plus, you can add downloadable menus, PDF filescatalogues, and more!

It all starts of $349 and includes customization for:

  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Map Button (Opens Map App)
  • Phone Button (Calls on click)
  • Email Button (Emails on click)
  • Contact Info
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Hours
  • Link to Full Website

Demo: https://vxfusion.com/mobile

Get Started: info@vxfusion.com

Expansion Work Continues

Jkevin-spackled1ack of all Trades, Master of Spackle.

The new rooms are slowly coming together.

In between his vxNetworks IT service calls, Kevin has been working hard to get the walls ready for the next step in the transformation of our new office space.  Soon the rooms will get a fresh coat of paint (or two) complete with an accent wall in the conference room in “vxRed”.   After the paint, all that’s left is the wiring and we are movin’ in. Read more

Just Launched: STEEP Building Systems

vx-steepSTEEP Building Systems is a local building supply company that is growing quickly. Their Structural Thermal Energy Efficient Panels are stronger, more energy efficient and much faster to build with than traditional structural framing.

STEEP is a fast growing business that wanted new branding and a new website to reflect their products and their commitment to the environment.

Read more

WordPress Security

There has been a huge increase in WordPress website hacker attacks lately (Something that happens when your as big as WordPress).

Although it is not time to panic, here are some top WordPress security tips:

  1. Update, update, update! Both the core and the plugins!
  2. Change the “admin” username to something unique
  3. Long, secure passwords
  4. Make only one account the administrator
  5. Remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” or any “WordPress” mentions on the website