Photo of Just Launched: Employment Solutions

Just Launched: Employment Solutions

Employment Solutions started in Welland 9 years ago as a service for newcomers and has expanded to service all clients seeking assistance with employment needs. They are a group of qualified professionals working passionately to help improve the lives of individuals by assisting them to find secure meaningful employment. Read more

Photo of The 19th Annual Niagara Small Business Trade Show is Happening Tomorrow!

The 19th Annual Niagara Small Business Trade Show is Happening Tomorrow!

For Niagara businesses and residents alike, this is the tradeshow you do not want to miss.

The 19th Annual Small Business Niagara Trade Show is your place to market your business.

Don’t miss your chance to showcase your business and increase your sales!

  • Open to public – free admission. Every year
  • this show attracts more than 300 visitors!
  • 3 informative seminars during show time
  • Niagara’s largest small business trade show
  • Advertised across Niagara
  • Central location with plenty of parking
  • Complimentary vendor’s lounge
  • Features passport program for attendees

See you there!

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Photo of 3 Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Doing Now

3 Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Doing Now

1. Twitter

A great way to think about social media marketing on Twitter: “If Facebook is a gathering place of everyone you know, Twitter is a gathering place of everyone you should know.” That little blue bird is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood business marketing tools. Whether you are a business-to-consumer or a business-to-business type company, your customers and the key decisions makers are on here. Read more

Photo of The Redesigned vxFusion Website

The Redesigned vxFusion Website

As any trade-style profession could tell you working on your own projects are always the most difficult.

And why not? Working on our clients websites is what we are truly passionate about. However, the old website was starting to look outdated, paint was starting to peel off the walls, and everything was just not as polished as we would have liked.   Read more

Photo of Creating Email Subject Lines that Actually get Opened

Creating Email Subject Lines that Actually get Opened

Most people quickly scan the subject lines in their inbox before deciding which messages are worth their time and attention.

Did you know that emails with subject lines with both a persons first and last name have a higher chance of getting read? Or using “thank you” vs “sign up” makes a giant impact on open rates?

Let’s face it, even in the age of Social Media and interactive websites, old school email is still our most powerful client communication tool. However, most email subject lines are not given much thought. Sure we like to add works like “Urgent” or “Sale!” or “Last Chance!”, but what if some of those words are actually deterring people from opening the email? Words that make an email look like metallic cans of virtual ham are simply getting deleted. (Spam anyone?)

Good news is some of the most respected names in the email biz have put together some research to help:

Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely (MailChimp)

Symbols in Subject Lines (Campaign Monitor)

Are you crafting the best subject lines?

– Chris

Photo of Just Launched: Bryan Caporicci

Just Launched: Bryan Caporicci

Meet award-winning and renowned photographer Bryan Caporicci: “I believe that photography is about people, relationships and the moments that they share together.”

We have had the honour of working with Bryan before, but this time was different. Bryan approached us to refresh his WordPress website (which we originally built for him) with a fully responsive design.

We took it a few steps further, starting at the drawing board. From the ground up we rethought the navigation, redesigned the home page, and strategized the visitor flow. Working closely with Bryan is always a treat, with his attention to detail and commitment to pushing the industry forward. We are proud to announce the launch of his new fully-mobile optimized, custom WordPress website.