Photo of Mobile Design Means More Than Responsive Layouts

Mobile Design Means More Than Responsive Layouts

Modern mobile design uses responsive layouts to shrink, stretch and fit a website onto any size screen, so the user doesn’t have to pinch zoom on their phone or tablet to view the website. Plain and simple there should be no horizontal scrolling required on mobile devices. But that isn’t the end of what mobile design fully incorporates.

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Photo of Link Building

Link Building

Internal and external link building are powerful page rank boosters essential to growing your website’s SEO and getting more exposure. SEO is a balance between having great technical practices and highly relevant content for users. Link building, when used properly, helps users and search engines navigate your website’s content easily.

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Photo of Just Launched: KIASTM Upgrade

Just Launched: KIASTM Upgrade

KIASTM is a division of Ki Health which focuses on Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, or IASTM.

The KIASTM website was created to help the general public, patients, and athletes alike to learn more about IASTM and make the right decisions about which IASTM practitioners best suit their needs.

The upgrade to the KIASTM website includes new features with rich functionality. The new landing page highlights the two sections of the website: practitioners and patients. The new practitioners section of the website features rich functionality and deep content for practitioners using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation.

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