Photo of Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development

We love building websites with WordPress for many reasons. The main reason is it’s user-friendliness so we can give our clients the ability to easily edit the content of their website. Over the years we have continually developed ways to add more functionality to websites while extending the user-friendliness of WordPress.

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Photo of Covering the Local SEO Basics

Covering the Local SEO Basics

The concept of local SEO revolves around getting the highest search rankings for your business or website for a localized area. This is extremely important for users that are searching a local area by using a keyword or searching based on their location data.

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Photo of Formatting Your Website’s Content

Formatting Your Website’s Content

Writing great content for your website is not enough. The design of your website, or a specific page, and the formatting of the content must make it easy for users to understand the content and grasp the main points efficiently. It can be more difficult to read on a screen and therefore designers need to be aware of the user base and if they could possibly have any special needs or circumstances you must address visually.

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Photo of Common Website Mistakes

Common Website Mistakes

Every business should in this day and age, have a business website, a website can after all break a business or help make it truly successful. This holds true no matter what business you have, be it a solely online business or a traditional bricks and mortar type business. With a website being so important, let’s have a look at some mistakes that if you avoid you’ll create website that increases your reach, potentially gets lots of traffic and converts visitors ultimately into customers.

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