Photo of Behind the Scenes at is all about photography business education. We have a great team, including writers, editors, programmers, web developers and graphic designers. We’re always pushing the envelope in business education for photographers, and are constantly inventing new tools for implementation.

Sprouting Photographer WordPress Article DesignFor the past year, Bryan Caporicci, Rob Nowell, and our team at vxFusion have been building up a gigantic educational resource at–a new website for photographers learning the business of photography (You can even see our mugs on the Get Started page).

Sprout encompasses both the educational blog, some powerful calculators, an ebook, and a weekly podcast that won a Best of 2014 in iTunes! The content schedule is stuffed with new items dropping 4 times per week, and traffic has been growing.

The new website is powered entirely on WordPress, but I would be short changing the web developers if I stopped there; the site features a ton of custom programming, pushing the limits of WordPress. Take our 80-20 email program for example: We rethought from the ground up how surveys on the web should work, redesigning them for both ease-of-use, and to simplify the survey process (top photo).

By rethinking every pixel and reimagining every function that goes into design, we can truly innovate and push our crafts forward.